World’s best child car seat manufacturing company, DAIICHI!

Design Philosophy

Daiichi pursues the safest design. Ergonomically engineered design most suitable for the children in Korea is reflected to our products.

The fundamental of DAIICHI'S car seat design is safety. The current car seat model started from a safety booster seat for infants and children. After inserting necessary equipment and interior materials for safety, countless crash tests were conducted to reach the final form of the current car seat.

On the final form of current car seat, various technologies were applied to enhance the safety; securely protecting children from the external impact, minimizing oscillation, improving usability, minimizing skin irritation with organic fabric, developing interior materials for better head protection, fitting the safest car-racing buckles, and introducing easy-mount system for moms.

DAIICHI'S design philosophy exists within these technologies.

Think safety first when developing products. Design ergonomic products suitable for children in Korea. Use special interior materials to absorb the impact. Minimize irritation on the children's skin with organic fabric. Use car-racing(F1) buckles that are safest in the world.

TTo protect the child's head from the impact, SIP(Side Impact Protection) system was applied to the headrest. Built-in type ISOFIX was developed for easy mount with better safety for moms.