World’s best child car seat manufacturing company, DAIICHI!

Brand Story

Daiichi Car Seat, the victory of technical expertise from automotive parts to infant car seats

President Wansoo Lee, the founder of DAIICHI, established Jeil Industry in 1981.
Jeil who supplied automotive parts to Asia Motors and Kia Motors as the 1st vendor stepped into the infant car seat industry to lead the global market by developing the infant car seat in 1995.

The company was renamed to DAIICHI in 2005 with the recruitment of a car seat engineer from Japan whose engineering technology was more advanced than that of Korea. Renaming the company to DAIICHI which means first and best in Japanese was the strategic choice as the company focused on the export to Japan at that time.

Since then, DAIICHI has made a breakthrough with continuous research and development as well as the acquisition of various world's safety certifications and technology awards.
DAIICHI is now a leader of domestic infant car seat industry winning over many well-known imported brand.

DAIICHI has become a role model for car seat industry by
introducing the car seat with new technology every year.
As of the result, DAIICHI exports the car seats not only to Japan but also to China, Russia and Middle East.

The goal of DAIICHI is to make the car seat recognized as the safest in the world.